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Get Ready for new Music from Swapa

The underground has been receiving plenty of great music from talented upcoming artists and is soon to receive more from one of the most anticipated, Swapa. Along with a short teaser, he recently announced that he'll be releasing a tape on 2/17/2023 called "BANNON" . With the moves he's been making lately, only great things are expected to come from this tape. Let's talk a little bit about why this news has got some listners at the edge of their seats.

Cover art for “BANNON” by Swapa

Creative and always evolving, Swapa is predicted to be one of most successful of his generation. He's already worked with other rising stars such as Jaydes, Devstacks, and slump6s. He's also received co signs from popular media pages like @hbkundergroundera, @offrecordsounds, @hyperpopdaily, and more. It's no secret as to why he's garnering so many eyes and ears because his music speaks for itself. Like I mentioned, he's always evolving and being creative when it comes to music. If you listen to his discography from past to present you'll hear multiple instances of grand improvement. You can hear the experimentation and effort he puts into creating something new in all of his tracks. His music isn't something you can easily replicate and that's what seperates him from most artists. His dedication to provide something that no one else can is unmatched. You can look but no matter what you won't find another artist like Swapa. That's why as time passes, he's only gaining more and more followers. Who doesn't love an artist who can provide something new every drop?

With his last project release already having thousand upon thousands of plays, "BANNON" is sure to be filled with even bigger hits. Go prepare yourself for what's to come by checking out his work. If you haven't tapped in already then I've already given you enough more reason to do so.


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