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Have you Heard “Her Favorite” by Damo! Yet?

Have you been looking for a chill track? Maybe a track with fire visuals? Well then do I have the one for you. It's called "her favorite" by Damo! and is currently pulling numbers for good reason.

What I like about this track is the vibe it gives off. Although it contains some chill vibes you'll notice as you progress further in the track that it starts to hit with a harder energy. His slow paced flow realy gets your head nodding and rhyming along with him. His vocals have a slight slur giving it that "intoxicated" feel to it. Most artists have a hard time when it comes to that sound because some add to much emphasis in their words or end up just fumbling words in total. I feel that Damo! found the perfect mid ground and pulled it off excellently. To pair along with the track he's recently released some impressive visuals. The video was shot by The JukeBox Studio and contains some trippy effects. Just like the track it'll give you that "high" feeling and have you taking your own trip. It's a music video best seen when you're getting ready to blast off if you know what I mean.

You can't go wrong with fire music and a fire video so tap into Damo!'s "My Favorite". Make sure to check out more of his discography as well if you like the track. You're sure to see him more and more regardless if he keeps up these moves!


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