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Have you Heard of SmackkyChris Yet!

Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada is up n coming underground artist SmackkyChris. Most notably known for his viral track "Tranzit", he's been becoming more popular by the day. He's reached achievements such as having 10k+ Spotify monthly listeners, having his music played on the radio, and having 41k+ views on YouTube. I wouldn't doubt it if you've already heard of him but if you haven't then let me inform you on why he's been achieving so much success so far.

If you're a fan of Joey trap or that era of music than you'll most likely mess with SmackkyChris's discography. He's got that classic monotone flow that when slightly adjusted can impact the whole energy of a track. For example in tracks like "$HOTS!" and his most popular "Tranzit", both featuring Astroh Boy, he gives his voice a small kick and emphasis to give the track more of a tough bumping feeling. Then you have tracks like "Nobody At All" and his most recent "Tears" where he gives off a more emotional softer tone of voice. His subtle manipulation of his vocals and flow is what I think audiences find most appealing about him. He's also got a keen ear when it comes to beats. Most of the production you'll hear him on contains exciting samples or soothing guitar instrumentals. He's not afraid to get out of his comfort zone and land himself on a beat you wouldn't expect which I think most artists can respect.

So if you're looking for a fun versatile artist who continues to evolve then SmackkyChris should be on your agenda. He's expected to pull off bigger numbers this year so be sure to tap in. Now's the perfect time to follow along his music career and claim your spot as a loyal fan!


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