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Herb4k Drops Long Awaited EP “4Ever”

Herb4k is a young but talented underground artist that has been receiving the spotlight lately. You might know him from his popular track "40 min" which is a remix of Lil Uzi Vert's famous "20min". Ever since the boost of growth off the track, people are starting to realize he's more than one hit wonder. He's got plenty of bangers in his discography and has just added more by releasing his anticipated EP "4Ever". This project has been getting the underground community riled up and understandably so. With its versatile flows and engaging energy, this project is a must listen and here's why.

Cover art done by @lo4everrr and @mediumsizedslatt

The EP has 6 Tracks but the beats were worked on by 9 skilled producers. It's got no features, but with the way he carries himself throughout the music, it's clear to hear that no features were necessary. As the project begins with "9 heights", you can tell the first thing he wanted to let people know with this EP is his versatility. The track itself contains so many different flows and depicts so many different moods. To keep up the hype, he follows the track with "SuperStar". Hopping on a regalia beat, Herb4k just goes crazy with his bars creating this setting of a super star lifestyle. Nothing but fast cars, fat stacks, and b*tches for this upcoming artist. On his third track "Melrose Avenue" he dives more into depth about his lifestyle and mindset. As the title suggests as well, he talks a lot about his time in LA and his unique experience. Taking on a more serious tone, but still keeping that pumped energy, comes the 4th track "Kountin Me Out". He uses this time as an opportunity to flex on those who've doubted him and how much better off he is without them. After that comes a more calming and softer paced song called "Help". After talking about all the positives in his life, he decides to show the other side of the coin and explains the hardships he deals with. Drugs to cope with pain, not knowing who's real because of the fame, and disloyal females are just some of the problems he's had to deal with. To finish off the EP he delivers a somber track named "Death To Us" it's a short track with an outpour of emotion. You wouldn't expect after all the hype from the tracks before, that he would end off on this note, but that's where his versatility comes in. You're not always going to get the same thing from him and can always find something for whatever you're feeling. What I love most about this EP is that you can start from the beginning or the end and it'll still sound organized. You get to choose whether you want to start off with a nice relaxing vibe or a charged up pace. Even if you don't like the whole project I'm sure there's at least one track in there for you!

It'll only take you 13 minutes to give the whole thing a listen so why not give it a spin? It's out on all platforms so you can hear it using what you like when you like. After checking out his EP make sure you see some of his other work and hear more from this wonderful artist.

To hear more click here- Herb4K


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