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Here’s why you Should Keep an Eye out for Kay Lvls

Kay lvls is a versatile talented artist coming out of Minnesota making moves in the underground. Other artists should definitely be taking note in what he's doing right now if they want success. Taking multiple objectives at hand to show the best of his capabilities is starting to prove his worth. Let's talk about what he's doing to take his career off in the music industry.

First off when I say versatile I don't mean just in music. His talents extend beyond the reach of sound and is known to create stunning visuals as a director. One of his proudest claims is that he's one of the very few artists that have created multiple music videos by himself. With inspiration from other talented creators such as Lyrical Lemonade, Tiny Tapes, and Space hearts he's delivered multiple entertaining music videos. Other than that and making music he also credits himself with making motion cover art and mixing. It's impressive to see him combine all of his skills in a world where artists seem more dependent on others. When he creates something he makes sure to apply as much of himself as possible. This is important to realize especially when it comes to receiving flowers for your work. Many people will complain they have to share their credit with so many people when the solution is just to do the work yourself. Even with having a light discography, he's still creating great bodies of music while keeping up with other projects.

Tap into Kay Lvls and get motivated yourself! He's using all his abilities to get noticed and be one of the next up artists to make it out the underground. So be sure to follow along his journey and footsteps in becoming a star if you want to do the same.


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