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Hoodie Hardaway Captures Hearts with new Album

Underground artist, Hoodie Hardaway, has recently released his latest album "Pretty Girls Like Vibes". 8 tracks and a 20 minute listening time from this album might be just what you need to get your day going. Let's breakdown the project to understand why that is.

First thing to note is the over all R&B vibe throughout the album. It's his version of genre so it isn't your typical sound. You can definitely hear small elements he implements to make sure the music stands out. He cooks up proper vocals meant to keep you on that calm wave. To match those vocals are fire beats that lead to smooth sailing the more you listen. It's a great piece of work if you're looking to set the mood for any females around. He touches all sides of love and lust with his lyrics and flow. It's got a slight trap vibe as well so if you're not in the whole graphic R&B scene then this is perfect for you.

Just looking at the creative titles will have you intrigued to listen so go tap in! If you've been looking for new music or a new artist then don't waste this opportunity to find your new possible favorite. Go check it out on all platforms.


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