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How to Buy Promo

Are you a new artist trying to get more exposure on the underground scene but don't really know how to start? Well I got the answers to some questions you may be having. Continue reading and I got you with some information needed to start promoting your music successfully.

Buy Multiple/ Find Caption

One of the easiest mistakes you could make when buying promo is not buying enough. Just buying one promo post off a page like HPD won't really boost your numbers or engagement. You have to get the ball rolling in a more efficient manner. Buying promo from at least 2-3 pages and organizing how they release can dramatically change things. It's all about creating a eye grabbing caption that will get an audience's attention. Once you feel like you have a caption that will get people hooked, you have to find out which pages you think could promote that idea the best. For example, if you want something witty or funny then try pages like Milkyunderground or Welcome to the underground, but if you want something more professional then look towards pages such as Offrecordsounds or LoadingUnderground. If you do buy from a big page like HPD or UGS, I would suggest work out a plan and buy promo from them in bulk. Although it could turn out quite costly, having your agenda pushed by these big pages have proven helpful when wanting to reach a higher engagement. You'll have a much higher success rate of getting your music seen and heard the more your music is promoted and pushed through the algorithm. It's common sense. So don't waste your money buying one promo that'll most likely fail when you could easily take the time to plan, budget, and roll out a successful campaign.

Is the Music Worth Promo?

Making sure the project or track you're trying to promote is worth spending money on is important. I'm sure plenty of artists have rushed trying to get their music promoted only for them to regret it later. Most of the time it's because they feel like they could've promoted another track or project that could've potentially been better. Gathering opinions from friends or community groupchats first can help you make confident picks in what you want promoted. Otherwise you're left with money spent on a post that you thought was good, but isn't necessarily getting picked up by audiences. It's hard but reality checking yourself is a big step in know how and what to promote.

Now I know I only included just two pieces of advice, but I want to see if you guys want more! Let me know in the poll if you'd like a part 2 of this article series on how to help promote your music and I'll gladly do so. I'll be sure to include even more tips and advice on what to do and dive deeper into the promo game. Just tap in and vote.

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