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Here’s How You can Use School to Help Benefit and Promote Your Music

If you haven't already noticed the underground craze has affected schools in a big way. Whether it's a student doing a presentation on their favorite artist or performing their music, the underground is affecting their day to day curricular activities. What I want to tap into are the benefits to bringing up your music as a way to promote yourself to a wider audience.

Bringing up the topic that you make music is a lot easier said than done and that's mostly due the fear of bullying or lack of confidence. It's no secret that places like high school aren't always seen in a positive light when it comes to supporting others. I can't speak for all high schools but I'm sure some are a lot more difficult when it comes to promoting music. What you need to focus on is yourself. You need to realize that if you want to make it in the music industry then you have to face the haters eventually. Better to get used to it early than later. So if you do have that fear of no one liking your music or getting laughed at then build up your confidence because every artist, even the big ones, currently go through some form of bullying. The whole point is to not let it affect you because your music should only be for you and those who enjoy it. Fuck the haters.

Once you disregard the negatives you can focus on the benefits and promote your music using your school community. One benefit I want to get into is the documention of your come up. Being able to vlog your school memories and moments as a young artist could prove useful in your present and future. It gives you the opportunity to show audiences how well your music connects with your school community. In these clips you can see upcoming underground artist, Xasper, vlogging with his friends talking about their history with him and just showing love to his tunes. It's pieces of wholesome content like this that you can use to promote your music or drops in the future and present. Who doesn't love to view young talent receiving love and support from their fellow peers?

Another benefit you could tap into are school performances. This takes a lot more time and effort but is one of the best ways to promote yourself and possibly even go viral. In order to pull something like this off you definitely need to plan and market a strategy. A couple things to focus on is your popularity with music in you school , if opportunities like talent shows are available, and rules and guidelines when it comes to asking about setting your own performance up. Now you could easily just say "fuck it" and bring a speaker, a mic, and just go crazy in the middle of your school, but it's best to set up a plan and do it professionally so you don't get in trouble. Best thing to do is reach out and talk with your school about making a performance of some sort possible. There's plenty of examples of students being able to pull this off such as Arbrez who is shown below giving an excellent show.

Using these examples from these upcoming artists can really help put you and your music out there. Remember it's mostly about your confidence and how much effort you want to put into getting heard. There's more to cover when it comes to promoting music using your school, so be sure to stay tuned when I drop a part 2 if you enjoyed this one!


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