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Is Danielo Runtz the Next Rockstar in our Midst of Music?

Hailing from the state of Maryland is underground artist Danielo Runtz. A dedicated and talented creative, he plans to make 2023 the most engaging of his music career. He's recently released his second track of the year called "Rockstarz" ft Randeezy and is projected to receive a bunch of motion.

If you haven't heard of Danielo Runtz than this is a great track to hear his music for the first time. It shows his all around style and his cooperation when it come to working with another artist. "Rockstarz" just does a great job of showcasing his skills so it's quite obvious why he made it his second drop of the new year. He wanted to start off with a track all about the rockstar life he plans to live as he feels it in himself that's what he is. The beat has a exotic tropical vibe to it which I think is a sound Danielo Runtz does very well on. Although the track doesn't begin with him, instead Randeezy is the first to start spitting bars and get the energy rolling. His words and amped up personality definitely make the track more hype and exciting. After a brief pause of his verse comes in Danielo Runtz. I love how these two individual's sounds combine. Danielo is able to create a calmer tone while still providing that same amped up energy. His voice just glides with the tropical beat and by the end of the track you'll feel like you just finished a Latin action movie. His vocals trailing off and the whistling from the beat was a nice touch and a perfect way to end this banger.

There's plenty of rockstar songs out there but this one should definitely stand out to you. If you have the time to listen I'd suggest giving "Rockstarz" a shot. If you rock with it then make sure to check out plenty of other great tracks in Danielo Runtz discography.


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