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Is Jadys Birthday the Pioneer of AI promo?

If you're really tapped into the underground then you most likely have heard of Jadysbirthday. He's recently been posted by some of your favorite underground pages like @undergroundsound, @hyperpopdaily, and @offrecordsounds for his use of his viral Ice Spice AI promo. With simple marketing and strategy he's been able to build thousands of views for his music and should be taken note of by other artists.

Whether you like it or not AI is here and jadysbirthday is taking advantage of the opportunity to create new content to help with engagement. AI itself doesn't guarantee views so you have to be creative with it. Posting Ice Spice on most social media platforms is one of the easiest ways to hop on the algorithm because of her trending popularity. So putting two and two together he decided to create a fake video of Ice Spice basically supporting him and his new track "Pink Floyd" but it's obviously just an AI voice. The way he marketed the video was perfect as well. He started off with small pages to promote the video to see just how well the content would perfrom. Already seeing successful growth, he continued to promote the video with bigger pages and more consistently, so it really felt like you were seeing him everywhere at one point.

Above you'll see the popularity and growth in his track "Pink Floyd" after successfully promoting the track with his Ice Spice AI promo.

This is just one example of the new AI wave coming to music and Jadysbirthday is the first to expose its precedence in promo for artists. It should be recognized as an important moment in underground history as it's sure to cause tons of new content. Make sure to check out the track that did so well from its promotion "Pink Floyd" if you haven't already. You don't want to miss anything from the creative mind of Jadysbirthday.

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