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Is KoolKat! The Next Star from Orlando Florida?

If you're looking for a fire new artist from the Orlando underground scene then I got you. His name is KoolKat! and is currently impressing audiences with his versatile music, intense energy, and unique character. He's definitely becoming one fo the main topics of discussion when it comes to artist coming out of Orlando, so you definitely have to keep an eye on him.

He's been making plenty of big moves recently, one of them being his latest ep "^2NoGood!+". It's a 3 track project containing features from Allure hearts and Surf, who are two other artists on the rise like Kat himself. It shows you all of the characteristics I mentioned before that make him a great artist. Versatile sounds, instense vocals, and energy filled lyrics that show off who he his. With just three tracks he's able to express so much and prove his talent as an artist. Not only can he deliver this vibe through the mic, but on the stage as well. He's performed at multiple shows with his iconic "cat hat" and delivering audiences the hype with each performance. He'll be performing again at an upcoming show with other up next Orlando artists and maybe he'll perform songs off his latest ep for the first time! If you're in the area I highly recommend you go see him live in action.

He's got plenty of potential and so much going for him, you'd be a fool not to tap into the come up. It's also a great way to support the upcoming Orlando wave as there's plenty of other artists doing well along with him. It's a win win for you and KoolKat!


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