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James Amaker II pulls Heart Strings with Latest Album “Heartbreak Ciity”

One of the most reputable artists in the underground, James Amaker II, has recently dropped a new album. It's called "Heartbreak Ciity" and after listening you'll see why he gave it that title. He's got new sounds, flows, and incorporates new ideas you probably haven't heard anywhere else in the underground.

As many fans of him know already, James Amaker II is very impressive when it comes to vocals. You always hear improvements from his voice the more you continue to listen to him. You can definitely hear him experimenting with his sound on tracks like "Not the One" and "Lies". It just goes to show that he isn't afraid to show his audience his versatility and wants to be known for more than just one sound. It's artists like him who are always looking to pursue being better than their last piece of work who "make it". Not only does he focus on improving his music but also tries to think outside the box with his ideas. Throughout the album he includes audio skits to help put the audience in his perspective. It's something you rarely see within projects and even rarer in the underground. With 12 tracks in total he takes you on a tour of "Heartbreak Ciity" and puts his emotions into words.

If you're a fan of emotional music or just looking for a calm vibe then this project is for you. If you haven't already, make sure to tap into James Amaker II to hear more of his excellent work. He's an artist to keep an eye out for 2023, as he's been on the come up for quite some time now.

To hear the project click here- "Heartbreakciity"


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