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James Amaker ll Stops Time with “Amaker Hour 12 a.M”

You've probably already heard of James Amaker ll either from his music or seeing him promoted by various other artists and pages. He's mostly known for his compassionate and heartfelt music with notable comparisons to the great Juice Wrld. His album "Amaker Hour 12 a.M" showcases his best use of his talents as an artist. Lets take a small dive into the album.

The project is filled with 17 tracks, 2 features and is 40 minutes long. Its a good lengthy album with diverse tracks so you're always getting something new. As soon as you start listening its just non stop heart touching lyrics and vocals. As I said before, there are definitely characteristics that fans use to compare his potential to that of Juice Wrld's. They both put raw energy and emotion into their music creating something beautiful and meaningful. There is not a moment in this album where you aren't being touched. He sings about harsh relatable moments in life like heartbreak and betrayal. Each track is just an outpour of moods and feelings. He makes sure to switch up flows and sounds giving you that extraordinary experience. For anyone going through a tough time, they can definitely turn to this album to relieve some stress and recieve some support. This album could prove he's the underground's next big rockstar.

All together it's a good album and is a great way to get introduced to James Amaker II. Make sure to check out the music video for "TWENTYONE!" Which is featured on the album. If you have any free time I'd suggest spending it on watching the music video and peeping the album. To hear for yourself click here - Amaker Hour 12 a.M

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