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Jaybuckk’s “Undrwlrd” is Making the Underground his Own

Jaybuckk is a next-up artist bursting through the underground with his intense and dynamic sound. With music that'll have your speakers booming and function moving, it's no wonder why his growth has been nonstop lately, especially with his latest drop. His recent album "Undrwlrd" is filled with back-to-back bangers and is already becoming a staple in the underground.

"Undrwlrd" is an expression of how Jaybuckk views his position in the music scene as well as a dive into his character. He feels as if he can't be compared to others in the underground and is in his own world thus the name Undrwlrd. He proves nonstop why his craft is different than most by bodying beats and showing creative wordplay. There will be many times throughout the album where you'll be making stank faces, playing it back just to relive the hype and busting moves. This is not a project where you just sit down and listen, it's a project where you get up and get lit! The album contains 9 tracks with beats provided by talented and skilled producers such as kering, eliesg, venexxi, skreer, qioh, mimo, greed, eli.yf, emildollaz, gen, streo, sincere, sikeo, martyr, and jkj. They all did their part producing versatile beats for Jaybuckk to show off his amazing talents and just spit mad bars. Tracks that stand out the most to me are "arp under the seat", "splittin ya wig" ft Slump6s, and "act". "arp under the seat" is the first track and gives you a little taste of what to expect from the rest of the album. He wastes no time when it comes to showing audiences what he can do and that's one of the reasons why his supporters show that constant love for his sound. He comes in hard or not at all when it comes to his music. "splittin ya wig" is the third track and features renowned rising star Slump6s. This track shows that he is able to cooperate with other artists and actually create fire music. Lots of artists these days will grab a feature from a big artist just to be carried and overshadowed but not Jaybuckk. When it comes to this track, both of these individuals just feed off each other's energy creating a beast of a track. The combination of these two demonstrates why Jaybuckk is already making moves bigger and better than most artists surrounding him. "act" is the last track and is a perfect way to end this gem of an album. The track is a celebration of Jaybuckk and the come-up he's gone through. He talks about his lavish life, the flexes he makes on those that switched up, and the one-ups in life he shares with his bros. It's just a great feel-good track that'll have you wanting to follow in his footsteps and get that bag.

Other than those three there are plenty of other tracks in the album that you'll enjoy and add to your playlists. The total listening time is about 21 minutes so it's perfect to listen to on a drive, at a party, or when you just want to turn up in your room. If you're looking for something good and new then"Undrwlrd" is definitely a go-to project if you need something to blast. To hear the album yourself click here- Undrwlrd


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