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Johansen Keeps You up with New Visuals for "Insomnia"

Upcoming artist, Johansen, collaborates with trending underground page @milkyunderground to bring visuals for his track "Insomnia". It's his first official music video release and is a sign of him taking his music career to the next level. Let's talk a little bit about why this music video is so special.

The video was shot by @shotby.melz and edited by @bielzzxy who did excellent work on the project. They provided Johansen with the perfect shots and angles to show off his ecstatic energy. The effects also make Johansen pop out, making him always the main focus on the screen. Even with a lot coming at you they still make sure the transitions and motions are clean and smooth. One of my favorite examples of their creative usage is when Johansen throws a pill bottle that follows him through multiple scenes until it explodes. It's that type of editing that makes this video stand out from your typical edited music video. The outdoor settings give the overall video a nice look as well and also give that "I stay outside" notion. The track of course is what really brings everything together. The more you progress through the music the harder it becomes along with the effects. With its infectious flow and witty lyrics, you'll truly be impressed by his work. This track and video should show why Johansen is becoming a bigger name in the underground and should be recognized more as an artist

If you haven't tapped into him already then I highly suggest you take the time to make this your first listen. He's been on the rise for some time now and efforts like this are what's going to push him to become the star he is. So don't sleep on the wave and check out Johansen!


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