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Johansen Out Does Himself with New Project “F*ck Jobro”

In the underground scene there are very few artists who are tapped into the community like Johansen is. He's a multitalented creative who's always showing love or interacting with some of the most underrated gifted artists and creators. It's time that love is reciprocated back to this supportive artist. He's recently released a project called "F*ck Jobro" that's filled with exciting and experimental sounds you'll rarely see from others.

This is the fourth album of his career and is impressive for new and old listeners. You can tell he really worked on his flows and delivery since his past work. One thing about Johansen is that he's not afraid to try new things and put it out there for others to enjoy. Listening to this project you'll never hear the same thing over and over. It's almost as if each track is a different person but it's just him showing his versatility and confidence in his music. For example there's some tracks where his voice is distorted and fluid, but then you get hit with tracks soon after hearing him more clearly and stern. It's also a project where you really have to listen if you want to understand the meaning behind each track. Some are just for hype but there's others where if you listen hard enough, you get a different version of the track. One more emotional than what you thought. It's all about how you take it in. Just like a true artist, he leaves it up to your interpretation.

There's lots to explore in this project that it not only makes it enjoyable but fun to listen to as well. I can only explain so much so it's up to you to listen for yourself and decipher what it means to you. So don't miss out on tapping in because in an over saturated community like the underground, projects like this don't come around often.


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