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Justin Hawkins and his song "FED UP"

17-year-old artist/producer Justin Hawkins releases "FED UP" on December 31st on all platforms. Coming out of Seattle, WA Justin provides a unique sound to the track. "FED UP" is just one of many songs he has on his tracklist that demonstrates that fact. The song talks about how he's fed up with the fake love he receives and how he doesn't let it affect him because he knows he's destined for greatness. He starts off the track with "Fed up with all of these people talking down on me, claiming they know me, they ain't shit." and the rest you’ll have to hear for yourself. He brings up that even know the people around him may pray for his downfall he won't let it stop him from achieving his goals. The track is great to listen to when dealing with fake love or just need some motivation to boost your confidence. With his lyricism, he's able to evoke the feeling that no matter what it is you shouldn't put up with the fake shit in the world because everyone gets fed up with it eventually. Produced by murrow, the beat provides a great platform for Justin to plant his flow on and create an absolute banger. Justin continues to go harder and harder while the track progresses as if the beat pushes him to his limits. At just a young age only more great music is expected to come from his discography. This is one artist you definitely want to pay close attention to and one that you'll never get fed up with.

To listen to more Justin Hawkins click this link: Justin Hawkins


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