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Keep an eye out for Syelock


Syelock is a new untapped artist making his name in the underground scene right now. Already 200 away from having 1k he‘s already developed a strong fanbase. Having just started releasing music 3 months ago he only has a couple tracks in his discography. Even though there isn’t much yet his talent is promising and his growth is exponential. When it comes to his music he keeps it versatile, unique, and keeps evolving his style.


As stated before Syelock keeps his music versatile. He can do rage, he can do trap, he’ll focus on lyrcism, or he’ll focus on flow it’s really whatever he’s feeling at the time of recording. He even remixed iazye’s hit song “556” and put his own twist on it labeling it “556/he won’t“. The track has a catchy flow just as fire if not better than the original. His latest release “Mp5” which features Marrgielaa is personally one of my favorites coming from him and is his first track released that contains a feature. They’re able to come together and create masterpiece of pure chaos. Syelock carries black Air Force energy with each track he releases or works on. The closest sounds I could relate him too would be Nascar Aloe and DC the Don. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future you see him working with great rock stars such as those.


Since he’s still early in his music career there are many opportunities that await him and many experiences to come. It’s exciting to wait and see what he will come out with next and what other flows or genres he can experiment with. Either way his fans always show major support and love when he drops music. If you want a new artist to tap into than keep an eye out for Syelock. He’s going to be big if he keeps this up so now is a great time to check him out. If you want to hear more about Syelock click here: Syelock

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