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Check Out Rising Artist Kenn.

Kenn. is the rising gifted artist soothing his way into peoples emotions. Based in Jersey but originally from the Bronx, he has a unique character and sound when it comes to his music. He’s been releasing tracks for about 9 months now and has already been signed to OnEarth Records. Gathering more and more attention, he is slowly getting the recognition he deserves and for good reason.

Already racking up thousands of plays on multiple tracks, fans are eagerly waiting what he will come out with next. His soft vocals and excellent story telling within his lyrics are what attract his growing fan base. He’s able to live out his experiences in life through his music in efforts to help more people open up and show vulnerability with their feelings. His sound puts you in a calm dream like state while his words help put you into his perspective. Tracks like “Hear Me Now”, “Pretty Pretty”, and his most recent release “Down the Line”are great examples of how his work can really affect your mood or just your state of mind.

Fans of Frank Ocean, Logic, and Jon Bellion would love Kenn.’s work as they all provide that safe comfort to be vulnerable and to be yourself. As mentioned before his recent release “Down the Line” is one of his best works yet and has recently been picking up traction. Go check it out and show support to this upcoming artist!


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