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KHR Chance is the Artist Killing it Out of Ohio

Versatile artist hailing from Northeast Ohio, KHR Chance, is making big moves right now. Already reaching thousands of people, he’s making his mark in the music industry. There’s plenty of tracks in his discography that prove that.

You can tell when listening to KHRChance’s music that he uses it to express himself and his life experiences, good or bad. He uses his talents as songwriter, producer, and artist to always deliver turnt vibes. His EP “High Voltage” is his most profound and latest release yet. That project really shows the energy he can bring to the table. The tracks included prove his versatility by tapping into all sorts of flows along with the collaboration of artists like Mundz, HNT Tunez, and WhosArty. Other than that project my personal favorite of his has got to be “Road Turns”. That track elaborates more on his character and his life struggles that I feel should motivate others to push through their own obstacles in life. He’s released multiple music videos including one for “Road Turns” and it’s exciting to see the next song he does one to. All I know for sure is he’s definitely doing nothing but going up!

He’s been putting in work and is actually performing at a show this friday. You can buy tickets with this link- Show Tickets. He’s got the drive to make it to the top and he’s letting nothing get in his way. This is definitely an artist you want to tap in with and witness his progress. Click here to listen to KHR Chance- Spotify


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