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Kid Turned King Drops Impressive new Visuals for his track "BLACK FILM MAKERS"

Prominent underground artist, Kid Turned into King, has brought new visuals for his track "BLACK FILM MAKERS". It's got everything you could ask for in a music video such as great effects, shots, and sound overall. Let's go more into detail about what makes this piece of work so good.

The video was shot and edited by @bornaftersummer and directed by @mightymgmt. It features Kidturnedking in a parking lot chilling with his homies. The majority of the video was shot with night vision but still tends to switch to normal color here and there. The transparency effect played a vital role as it was creatively used to convey a powerful trippy vibe. Your eyes will end up confused but hooked onto scenes going inside and out of one another. There are also plenty of other simple effects that conjure these complex looks making it just more and more hypnotizing. It keeps you entertained especially when fused with the flow and beat given off by the music. The vocals are slow-paced with a slight mumble, but that just adds to the casual "high" type of energy given off by the track and video. The beat is entrancing and unique which is no surprise since it was produced by the talented @mrweaverr. Tracks like this can really make audiences relate more to the music whether it's because it's easy to follow along or because it just makes them feel as if they are there with the artist. It's the type of music most can enjoy blasting on their TV screen or in their car.

Gain your own interpretation of the track and watch the visuals for yourself. If you haven't already checked out some of his other work then make sure to go peep his discography after watching the music video. I'm sure you'll be more interested in what he has in store next once you tap in.


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