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Knxlidge is an Artist you Need to Hear About

Knxlidge is an underground artist working hard to get his music recognized. He's gotten co signs from artists like Maajins, pcajay, Aqua Raps, and more for his unique sound. Here's more on why so many people have been tapping into his music recently.

He's mostly known for his popular track "rocket!" produced by yukisx and justxrolo. It's one of his greatest demonstrations when it comes to versatility and flow. It has 136k+ plays since it's release and should be one of your first listens when tapping in. The rest of his music libary is impressive as well with the majority racking up thousands of plays. Most likely because he doesn't sound like the rest of the underground. He makes sure to switch up his style here and there to make each track more interesting. He'll always give you turnt energy with a twist and that's what audiences like about him. He's an artist who isn't afraid to act creatively frequently.

It's these types of artists that we need more of in the underground. KNXLIDGE is definitely someone who deserves more recognition and support. Make sure to tap in and let him know if you like his music by showing love!


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