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Les is a talented lyricist with his music, and he proves it again on his latest release “BOOGEYMAN FREESTYLE”. His bars are simple while carrying a heavy impact with a 90s hip hop type of vibe. He talks mostly about his own character and how he isn’t just your average type of guy. He‘s dedicated to his music more than most underground artists and holds a strong personality that shouldn’t be messed with. “I’ll keep on spitting in this mic til I get fucking strep”, “I say things sometimes I might excite the feds”, “everybody deceptive and I ain’t notice it. I don’t need me protection I want all of the smoke you give” are just some of the bars from this track that give you that stank face when you hear him say it. No one quite captures his energy and that's what makes his music and specifically this track unique. The way he just cuts up the beat with his vocals is also something to behold.


The track is produced by Gold Streak who is well known and respected in the underground community. The beat is similar to a Wu-Tang or MF DOOM type beat and gives you a classic vibe when listening. The sample starts off soft and then proceeds to smoothly transition giving you those sick bass lines and crazy piano flow. There's no way you can listen to the instrumentals and not bop your head just a little. Hopefully, more is made with this duo because the fusing of flow and style is on point.


This track is a great showcase of Les's skills as an artist and should not be slept on. If you are a new listener this would be a great introduction to his work. If promoted right and gets in the ears of the right people this song could be big for his career. The track is already growing at its own steady pace reaching about 21+ plays, 7 likes, and one repost. It won't be surprising to see the track blow up and reach big numbers.


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