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Logo AM is the New but Next up Artist on the Scene

Logo AM has just popped in the music scene and is already showing off what he can do! He's a NY tative who currently resides in North Carolina. He’s just started making music and is ready to share his world with others. Music filled with raw energy from genuine real life experiences have created an ultimate versatile artist.

Logo AM has been using music as a therapeutic tool and hopes it inspires others to do so as well. At a young age his normal life started spiraling out of control after the use of weed, Xanax, hallucinogens, and some cocaine. This path would eventually lead him to being hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for a week and be diagnosed with depression. His struggles would appear to never go away and actually get worse. Soon after his hospitalization he ended up suffering a minor overdose from a fentanyl laced Xanax after his breakup with an ex girlfriend. Being in such a dark point in his life, Logo AM took inspiration from artists he would listen to in high school like Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacion, and Chief Keef to change his ways and start making music himself. As music began to ease him out of the dark path he was on, he began to fall more and more in love with music. He began to learn his craft at the studio but soon transitioned to just making music by himself. With the help of music and others he’s now reached one year of sobriety and heading down the right path. Using his direction to guide others, he now uses his music to show that others who have been through similar struggles that they are not alone.

His music can be described as rage pop and is a very unique sound. With only two tracks out there he has already shown great promise. Genuine experiences create genuine music which is what is needed in the underground right now. To hear what he has out already click here Logo AM

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