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Malsoliano, The U.K.’s Next Underground Artist

Malsoliano is a rising underground artist coming from the U.K. He’s helping bring rise to the underground movement from the U.K. with his one of a kind flows and lyrical prowess. He’s beginning to rack up hundreds and soon thousands of plays and for good reason.

Malsoliano makes music for those who seek more of a chill meaningful vibe when it comes to sound and energy. He’s not your everyday artist that just spits garbage into the mic, he actually puts thoughts in his words. You can hear the organic emotions in his vocals express himself on the majority of his tracks. His talent doesn’t just stop at vocals and lyrics, he’s actually very versatile as well when it comes to beat selection. His latest album “Malsoliano” is the best example of all of his talents in one. Filled with all kinds of different and experimental sounds you’ll never be hearing the same thing twice on this project. It’s almost as if he made sure each track would just sound more different but also get harder the more you progress through it. His dedication, talent, and love for music is there. All he needs is the proper audience’s to hear him.

Malsoliano’s potential to be up next is clearly there. If you want to show love to a artist who truly deserves it then he is definitely someone to tap into. It’s only a matter of time before others hop on his wave so why not try being one of the first? To hear more click here- Malsoliano


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