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MB $lim36all is The New Artist Grinding for the Spotlight

MB $lime36all is a new artist arriving to the underground scene. He's only been releasing music for about a month and has already experimented with all types of flows and sounds. Still learning and growing, this artist contains a lot of potential.

If you're a fan of the RR collective or past collective slaywrld then you most likely will be a fan of MB $lim36all. His recent EP "Halloween on Lean" is a great way to be introduced to his music and hear that that RR sound I'm talking about. The album contains almost half of his discography but is still versatile in its own way, not leaving you with the same thing over and over. It's already racked up hundreds of plays in total so there's already plenty of people hopping on the MB Slim36all wave. Most likely because of his distinct sound and the raw genuine energy he provides. When you listen to his music its almost as if he's performing right in front of you. That's the type of energy people are always looking for. He's only just begun his music career so there is still plenty of time to see him progress and evolve his sound.

If I were you I would not miss out on hopping on the wave early. He's definitely got potential to become a star in the underground if he just keeps the grind and mindset. Tap into to this fresh new artist and show support if you mess with his music.

To hear more click here- MB Slim36all

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