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Meechievpn might be Your New Favorite Artist from Chicago

Meechievpn is a Chicago artist coming up in the underground. He's recently come back from a short hiatus to bring some fire new music. Basically clearing his slate, he wants to show audiences and new supporters that he's going to start putting his best work in.

His two most recent tracks are called "I'mGod" and "P.T.W". Both tracks focus on the hard trap style of music which is arguably one of his best genres. "P.T.W " is an intense track and shows his sentimental side. He talks about struggles as well as hardships he's had to endure and witness. Even though it has that hard trap sound the piano instrumentals keep it light enough to get the message heard and felt. His other track "I'mGod" was actually reviewed live by uprising media page @undergroundhitlist and received a good review. It's liked for it's contagious flow and it's bumping beat. His work is definitely speaker worthy and meant to blast. Overall these two tracks just show the greatness of what's to come. He's bound to just keep evolving if he keeps up his current work ethic.

Best to tap into Meechievpn's new age of music early and check out his discography. It's soon to grow into a libary of bangers and new genres. Be sure to follow all his socials as well to get updated on anything new he's releasing!

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