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Michael the Kid "For Those Who Care 2" Breakdown.

If you haven't checked out the interview I did with Michael the Kid make sure to go check that out first as it contains more details on his music career and on both EP’s in his own words. In my interview Michael explains that the EP “For Those Who Care“ is really meant for the listeners who really have a passion for his music and want to follow him on as he grows in success. People like his family, friends, and loyal fans are who the EP is dedicated to. "For Those Who Care 2" still contains the same principle but he demonstrates it in a different manner. This EP contains what some would call rage music and definitely has a “I don’t care about your opinions I’ma do me” type of vibe to it. The first EP talks more about the struggles and decisions Michael has to make in order to survive and stay poppin in the rap game and how at times sometimes the only thing that pushes him are the loyal supporters behind his back. The second EP shows another side of Michael which he likes to call Big Flacko and talks about the fanatical lifestyle he's able to live because of his supporters. In a private DM Michael states “… my persona name is called Big Flacko. Reason being because sometimes I feel like a bigger version of ASAP Rocky”. Big Flacko expresses the rager side of being a music artist such as living the party life, not giving a care in the world, and ultimately living life the way he wants to. Carrying a different tone and attitude you can tell Michael has been wanting to let out his Big Flacko side for his fans for a while. If you listen to both EP's back to back its almost as if your listening to two different artists. "For Those Who Care 2" will have you wanting to be in a mosh pit or just go rager mode with its bumping beats and crazy flows. The EP only has four songs but with hits like "Light Work Ft Austin Dabb" and "You a fool" its likely you'll be having it on repeat for the whole day. If you’re looking for an artist who can show both sides of the coin when it comes to music then Michael the Kidd is definitely someone you wanna add to your playlist. To listen to "For Those Who Care 2" click on the link below.


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