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Michael the Kid Motivates the Underground with “Money Mind”

Jack of all trades, Michael the Kid, is back with another banger. It's called "Money Mind" and is all about setting your priorities straight. If you need to motivating then this is a track you need to hear.

Now usually when you hear a track all about bossing up, it's usually the artist talking about themselves. This is where he puts a slight twist on things. Listening closely you'll definitely be hearing bars about himself but it's also motivating for the listener. The intro of the track even refers to the listener letting them know that life is all about being yourself. The energy will have you feeling like your in a Rocky montage. He hits each lyric with such force and strength, it's hard not to get motivated. This track is probably best heard when working out or you just need that push to get you through the day and get things done.

If you haven't tapped in yet then you're for sure missing out on a underground gem. One of the very few artists who focuses on getting powerful messages out rather then just focusing on flow and vibe. Although he can pull that off too, he deserves more recognition for his work on evoking emotion and presence. So be sure to show support to this underated talent.


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