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Michael the Kid sets his Heart Loose with Latest Track “Bab3”

Multi talented content creator and artist, Michael the kid, has recently dropped a new track. He decided to take the emotional route and deliver a heartfelt sentiment through music. It's called "Bab3" and is becoming a fan favorite for good reason.

If you're already tapped in with Michael the kid then you know how well of a job he does when it comes to making emotional romance music. With a light trap shilo dynasty sampled beat, it would be impossible for him not to pour his heart and soul in this track. He even adds a slight twist to the original lyrics, making it stand out from others who've sampled Shiloh Dynasty. The track is all about being hopelessly in love with a female who keeps doing him dirty. Always hoping that each time he goes back to her she'll be better. With his broken hearted words he goes into how he knows she doesn't love him back but that doesn't make his love for her any less. It's hard to break off something that feels so addicting especially if you hold memories together. The vibe and energy given off from the music definitely hits hard to anyone who's been through a similar situation.

With that in mind if you like to hear music that can touch your feelings then tap into Michael the Kid. He's got a lot more variety in his discography, so even if that's not what you want you still can find other tracks of his you might like. It never hurts to find new music so go and find out if he's an artist for you!


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