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“Midnight club” by 3LCARO is a Great Way to Start off 2023

3LCARO is a underground artist you might've heard recently. He's been getting quite a buzz for his latest album release "Midnight Club". Let's talk about why the project deserves the hype and why it's a potential listen for you.

It's got 10 tracks and is 21 minutes long. It's got a smooth organized pace with some surprises twists and samples. It's also got some great cooperation from other artists with feats from James Amker II, PressureBeats, jrich4real, PM Annon, and Yung Meme. He proves without a doubt his skill for versatility through the project, choosing a wide variety of beats. Some of my favorites are "Bleeding" ft James Amaker ll, "4Thewin" ft PM Annon, and "Run!" specifically for the production and the way he carries himself. Its definitely meaningful when you listen to the lyrics of each track but nothing too serious where you have to be in a specific mood to listen. His experimental sounds leave a little something for everyone. If you're a first time listener of his then this would be a great way to start. It's his first project for 2023 and it's exciting to see what he comes up with next.

You never know, after listening you might be a fan of the next up artist of 2023. If you enjoy it make sure to check out the rest of his discography! 3LCARO regardless pulled off an excellent job at delivering a well done project.

To hear the album click here: "Midnight Club"


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