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Milla Returns with New Music and Video

Who doesn't love a good comeback story? Especially when it comes to music. It's makes things exciting for the artist and their supporters because they're able to show off their work after a however long hiatus. One artist who's coming back to the underground scene with a banger is Milla. She just released a track called "Trip to the Bank" and is one of the best come backs I've seen from an artist. Tap in and I'll explain why.

One thing to acknowledge when listening to her new track is the slight changes in her flow and energy. I would say it's definitely something she was working on when taking her break and is quite impressive. She worked on minor things that made a huge difference in her sound such as her delivery with words and flow switch ups. Even though this track is all about leveling up and confidence, there's some emotional element planted in there. Being able to make the listener feel multiple emotions in one track is a skill lots of artists need to learn, but it seems that Milla has got it down. Knowing how good the track is, there is also a music video to pair with it. Great music deserves great visuals and that's exactly what was provided. She executed her skills for flow, emotion, and energy in this comeback track and demonstrated boldness in the video. It was worth the wait for fans and a great release for new audiences to find her.

If you love to support a good comeback story then tap in. It's a great way to show love to an upcoming artist on the rise and an even greater way to hear some new music. It's time you won't regret spending.


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