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Mxshi AOA the Next Up Rager

Mxshi AOA is the underground artists raging his way into peoples ears. Growing at a steady pace he is already starting to rack up thousands of plays and is growing an army of ragers. With his music getting picked up by the underground community, audiences are understanding more and more why they love his sound the more they listen.

With his rockstar energy and a bumping trap flow, Mxshi AOA has created his own distinct sound. Fans of Dc the Don and Yvngxchris are going to love his music as they all carry that unique type of style. For first time listeners I recommend “C.R.A.S.H Unit”, “Printer” w/Demauryy, and “NXIVM” because I believe they show his versatility when it comes to hopping on different types of beats. His lyrics are what some might call out of pocket but he could care less about other peoples opinions. His music is for those who don’t care about standards and feel like they should live life as they want to. His powerful music sets listeners free from their normal world helping them escape their reality even if it’s for a moment. He knows his music will be there for others when they need it and that’s what motivates him to just create more.

With his fanbase forming and helping him push his agenda, he’ll soon be heard by the majority of the underground community. It’s only a matter of time for Mxshi AOA to get the recognition he deserves. Go support a rising artist ready to go to the next level. Click here to check out his music- Mxshi AOA


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