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N.Dizz and his album “Can You Hear Me? ||| (Find Your Footing)”


N.Dizz is a multi talented artist who has recently been dropping bangers. He‘s been making music since a young age and is now using his music experience to show off his skills and provide music for those who need it. He’s got a great sound and uses lyrics that’ll touch your soul and pull your heart strings. He’s released countless of songs and music videos that have hundreds of views and plays. His most latest release “Can You Hear Me ||| (Find Your Footing)“ is one of his best work to come out so far and is already having a big impact on his music career.

The album

As you can tell by the name, “Can You Hear Me ||| (Find Your Footing)“, is the third album of the series. 13 tracks and 38 minutes long this project does not stop bringing the heat. With this album you’ll be able to have multiple experiences after listening to it again and again. You can either listen to the whole thing for the vibes and sound or for the bars with powerful words. Feeling the flows he blankets over the beats will put you in such a groove it‘s bound to have your head nodding. A lot of the songs are very melodic with a handful having some hype to them. If you focus on his bars and the meaning behind each track you’ll find that N.Dizz can be very passionate and open. You can feel the power in his voice when he starts to express himself so the energy from him is definitely felt throughout this whole album. The tracks are mostly about his personal experiences with music, struggles, and relationships. My personal favorites would have to be “Internet Antagony“, “Speed Boat”, and “Make it Outro”. Although many fans would agree that choosing a favorite would be difficult since the majority of the tracks on this album are amazing. Fans are nothing but excited for how N.Dizz plans to surpass this album.


A lot of people will be able to relate to this album because it touches so many topics we all face at least in one point in our lives. This album is for those who are just in need of an escape and feel like for once they are being heard. N.Dizz really outdid himself with his vocals and lyrics on this one and his talent for music is loud and clear. Having more than 5000 followers on social media platforms and hundreds of views and plays from his streaming services, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing N.Dizz on the charts.

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