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Nora KARI and his Debut Album “Hold my Hand”

Nora KARI is a 15 year old Candadian based artist making his way through the underground. With a unique soft sound and emotion filled vocals, audiences are starting to fall in love. He’s been releasing music for around 7 months and has recently released his debut album “Hold my Hand”.

“Hold my Hand” is one of Nora KARI’s most passionate work. Coming from nothing but his heart he speaks about personal life experiences and his journey through all of his struggles. Lyrics about love interests, fake friends, and drugs numbing the pain it’s filled with all sorts of relatable problems that most of us as humans undergo. He talks about how God has been there for him more than once and how he deals with such problems. He combines his soothing tune with the melodic beats to create something Angelic. Talented producers such as Jewelryboy, Ross Gossage, Jkei, Seven Nights, Chopstick!, Percy Beats, Aidanhan, Jean Parker, Bapsxx, and Maxflynn came together and gave their all when it came to this project. Some of his top tracks from the album are “Suicidal”, “Stay True”, and “Maze” ft Plazati. It really taps in with your soul and character when you give it a deep listen.

A total of 12 tracks and around 25 minutes it’s perfect for listening all in one go or just taking piece by piece. It’s a great introduction to Nora KARI’s music. With more on the way go make sure to support this great artist and his album! Click here to listen- Hold my Hand


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