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Nora Kari and Kid Tye Collaborate for the Greater Good of the Emo Rap Scene

Canada based artist, Nora Kari, has recently delivered a heart felt sentiment track for audiences of the emo rap genre called "My Heart is Cold". With a feature from prominent artist, Kid Tye, on the track it's got plenty of potential to go viral and bring more of a impact on the scene. Let's talk more about why this track can be helpful to bring more attention to emo rap music.

Since the death of Juice Wrld there has been a downfall of good genuine emo rap music. There's lots of artist trying to hop on the wave because it's 'cool' or 'trendy' leaving the scene over saturated with the same sound. Nora Kari and Kid Tye change this direction with this track to show that there are still artists out there pushing the wave wholeheartedly. They put actual emotion and passion into this track and that's what makes it so special. Although they have both been making their music with inspiration from legends like Juice Wrld, this collaboration gives us good sign. It shows that more artists of this genre are starting to recognize each other's work to put out the genuine sound artists like Juice Wrld was putting out and not like these clones are doing.

So when it comes to music like emo rap, artists like Nora Kari and Kid Tye are who you should be tapping into. Listen to thetrack yourself and you'll have a deeper understanding of what I mean. The potential this has to motivate others like them is outstanding and hopefully gets the attention it deserves. So be sure to support these upcoming talents and show love to a genuine sound.


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