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Novastein’s Rise in the Underground Scene

In the current state of the underground it gets harder and harder to find new talent, but Novastein’s latest single, "Nightcore” produced by 1anathema, showcases a lot of this talent. Novastein’s evolving creative spirit allows him to create and switch between many genres. He proves he can easily mash up and switch between different music genres with every next release. He keeps grabbing the audience's attention with every new project he presents, and this is not just another one in his discography but a new single where one can see the shaping artistry and development of his unique style by Novastein.

Yet the track "Nightcore" combines digicore, club, and rap into one whole, which makes the listening experience different from the usual track. For Novastein to blend given genres and styles like that, then means that he is a versatile artist who has a lot of potential. The particular blend of lyrics in this track and the catchy flows are Novastein's thing, and this is what he often does to attract his audience. That proves it more; it shows that he can be creative with what is considered usual in underground music.

"Nightcore" has managed to become popular among both the underground and the critics, who are recording the strengthening influence of Novastein in the scene. Every Novastein release is something fresh and new, and therefore quite remarkable. The relevancy and appeal of Novastein in the high-yield environment testify to the talent that Novastein has and the dedication to his craft. His audience is looking forward to Novastein's future in the scene.


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