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Only1SuperChino Debut Album “Black Sheep”


Only1SuperChino is a new on the scene music artist who just released his debut album “Black Sheep”. This is the only music he has officially released and little is known about him. One thing for sure is that his music is fire and he’s already making successful decisions in his music career. He has a music video out for his track “December” that was shot and edited by @ouijamansion and He’s also performed at shows with the fans screaming back his own lyrics.

This is only the beginning of his career so it’s going to be interesting to see the moves he makes as he progresses to stardom. So far he’s making the right ones including dropping one of the most fire debut albums I’ve ever heard “Black Sheep“.

Black Sheep

Released on March 11th and containing 6 tracks, “Black Sheep” is definitely a must listen if your a big fan of the underground movement that’s happening right now.

This project is balanced so it’s got tracks that you can listen to and vibe and other tracks that will have you wanting to bump your speakers to the max. The album is only 12 minutes long so it’s great to play when you’re going for a quick drive or when you need to get the party started fast and easy. The production done on this project is mostly melodic but the high hats and bass used in this album gets your head nodding. The flows and bars that Only1SuperChino delivers are absolutely crazy. You’ll definitely hear something different with each track whether it’s a brand new lyric you’ve never heard of before or a beat that you would never expect. Fans of Lucki, Shordie Shordie, and Thouxanbanfauni should be heavily invested in this artist. Some of the top songs from the Album are “Beep”, “RIP Virgil”, and “Don’t Play”.


I think this debut album will have a big impact on his career as it shows that not only is he talented but that he still has time to grow and perfect his craft even further. A lot of artists make mistakes of releasing music that they haven’t worked on to much too early but not Only1SuperChino. You can tell by the audio of each track that he puts his raw energy into his music and tries his best to get creative with his flows and lyrics. He definitely has his own sound and it’s exciting to see how it will evolve in the future.

For more Only1SuperChino click the link below


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