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Opium Might Have to let Diorsrage Join after this Co-sign

Growing underground artist, Diorsrage, has recently dropped his single "Blackflag" and is getting plenty of attention. So far the track, produced by 730hahah, is looking to be one of his best yet especially considering the co signs he's received lately. He's getting recognized more for his work and talents with this track and here's why.

If your a fan of Opium and their unique styles of music than you'll most likely love Diorsrage's sound. You can definitely hear what I'm talking about when you hear the track itself. "Black Flag" just provides that type of dark turnt vibe that you get from trending artists like Destroy Lonely and Ken Karson. That's exactly why he's been co-signed by big time Opium fan and influencer Mohawk Bob. Recently posted on popular underground page, Loading Underground, Mohawk Bob was seen with DiorsRage name on his signature Mohawk while promoting his music.

So as you can see after being posted by accounts with over tens and thousands of followers, he's getting plenty of eyes and ears on him. It's only a matter of time before he starts to get bigger co signs and work with bigger names so be sure to tap in! You won't wanna miss what Diorsrage has in store next for his career.


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