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ORN Zay and his Emotional Album “The Awakening”

“The Awakening” by ORN Zay released on January 1, 2021 is a 14 track album featuring Teddy DEC, J Nah, xobaby, and Xavien. Zay really puts his heart and soul into this album as each track is filled with emotional words and moving beats. The whole album is filled with talk of fighting demons, being under the influence, and heartbreak which I’m sure everyone has gone through at least one of these feelings once. Even with it being his second album he isn’t afraid to express his feelings so that his audience can really feel what he’s feeling. He lets people know that they aren’t the only ones going through bad times and if someone like him can deal with it then so can you. You can feel the deep meaning in his words because of how genuine he is. Notable tracks like “Somebody”, “Too Dumb Ft. J Nah and xobaby”, and “Goodbye” are some of the tracks that will have you playing this album on repeat. The album is perfect for those going through tough times or jus want to vibe out to some good music. Fans of juice wrl, baby Santana, and Jumex should definitely give this a listen. The collaborations on this album just make it snap even harder. Each feature did their part in teaming up with Zay to make absolute bangers. The beats on this album are incredible as well as they match with Zays flow beautifully. Any other artists would not be able achieve what Zay has done with these beats and album. To check out more ORN Zay click this link: ORN Zay

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