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PRA DA JA7 and his Heavenly Project “REMIND ME OF THE SUMMER”

PRA DA JA7 is a talented artists who uses his strong vocals to evoke his emotions into the world. His soul felt lyrics reaches those who need to hear it to help out those in need. His latest project “REMIND ME OF THE SUMMER” is one of his greatest examples of how he expresses himself for others.

This beautiful project is filled with all sorts of good vibes and brings the energy you need when wanting to bring up the mood. It’s got tracks that you’ll want to play for your girl or even get you one. Some of my personal favorites would have to be “DURKIO ft destooo” and “Loser”. The combination of PRA DA JA7 and destooo creates a brilliant song that gives off a Juice Wrld type of essence with versatile flows and sorrow energy. “Loser” just provides those deep meaning lyrics that will have people dealing with struggles relate. Being able to openly express your regrets and true feelings help others feel like their not alone and that’s what “Loser” helps you realize, that you’re not alone. Helping you tap into your feelings and bringing positive vibes is all about what this project is about so if you ever need to perk yourself up this is definitely something to add to your playlist.

Show some love to this talented artists and help bring someone who deserves it into the spotlight. Being able to express himself in certain ways isn’t an easy task for most artists so you definitely have to give him props for being true to himself. With numbers growing it’s only a matter of time before this artist blow up as well as his project.


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