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Premekid’s Latest Music Video for “Heavenly” will have you Saying Holy Sh*t

If you’ve been tapped into the underground for a while then you most likely have been witnessing premekid's come up. He’s an established member of the underground community always showing love and has even had a music video premiered on Underground Sounds YouTube channel. He’s also recently dropped some impressive visuals for his track “Heavenly” that is getting quite a buzz. Let’s dive a bit into the video and talk about that next level attitude both the track and video provide.

The music video was shot and edited by @808dion and takes place in a abandoned building. It's an excellent choice of setting as it gives premekid the space to vibe out to the track as it's meant to. Throughout the video he rocks a hoodie from a well known brand, Bain, that's also been worn by other upcoming artists such as Sofaygo and Lucki. Confident in his swagger, he's seen mostly having a good time and even features a clone of himself to join in on the fun. The edits are quick and clean primarily using strobe light effects to dramatize certain scenes. There's multiple times where it feels like he's just popping right at you. One of my personal favorite edits are the glitches that clip him in and out of place. It's the small effects that make the music video feel so big. Overall it does a great job of doing the track itself justice. Providing amped up energy and snappy effects to keep up with the fast pace of the track allow both the visuals and sound to flow together.

So if you're looking for the next artist that's making it out of the underground then look no further. This music video should give you enough evidence to show why Premekid is on the comeup. Make sure to check out his other music videos and tracks to hear more from this great artist.


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