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Prettyboi and Jared Walker Link Up for Insane Video

Renowned director @jaywalkaaa has created some fire visuals with popular artist Prettyboi. The music video shot was for "Green Light" which you might've heard of already. The track and video are known for the impressive amount of work put into them earning them hundreds of views and listens.

With the help of vfx artist @nitetive they were really able to make this video pop. You'll see things melt before your eyes and reality get warped so if you're already on a "trip" it'll definitely be more entertaining. It's got insane settings like cars drifting along a track or the street to being put in night vision in a fast whip. What I love personally is that there's never a point where the hype stops. The begining starts off as a slight vlog, getting dripped out, which then leads to what seemed like a normal day to a crazy one. Being able to consistently provide effects and shots that will have watchers glued to the screen is always impressive to see. If it's not the visuals themselves that'll give you a rush then it'll definitely be the energy Prettyboi gives off. Either flexing or in his zone, he gets you feeling how he's looking. His exciting and charismatic nature exerts through the screen leaving you pumped up. It really does the track justice and pulls you in wanting to watch it on repeat.

There's a lot more to unpack when it comes to this video but that's for you to find out. Make sure to tap into all these creatives if you haven't already as they are all on the come up! Im sure you won't regret it after watching "Green Light".

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