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Remedy4ej Strikes Hearts Again with Latest Song “She”

Updated: Apr 11

Have you been looking for a song with a powerful heavy vibe and heart touching vocals? Well then I got you. This track is called "She" by Remedy4Ej and will definitely hit you in your feels.

Remedy4Ej is a upcoming underground artist mostly known for his impressive voice and skill for evoking emotions. You can hear and feel these characteristics yourself when listening to "She". In the beginning of the track you get a small moment of him echoing out the word "she" which I feel signifies the fall into despair which is what this track is about. Then the track begins to hit with beautiful upbeat production from popular producers Lunas and FarrellB. The beat was so structurally well made it literally feels like you're in your own head, especially when wearing headphones. It creates a type of isolated environment to make you more in tune and focus on the emotions you'll feel throughout listening. If you listen closely to the lyrics you'll notice that he talks about in depth relationships. "She knows Im in love with her, this is not what I'm looking for" is probably one of the most hardest hitting verses you'll hear in this song. This could have many different interpretations to audiences and that's what I love about it. It doesn't focus on one primary aspect of a relationship but instead keeps it open so that more people can relate to his words. Whether your feeling lost in love or know what you're looking for, his lyrics will still deeply affect you.

To feel that connection I'm talking about make sure you listen to the full track out on all platforms. If you end up enjoying it then make sure to tap into the rest of Remedy4Ej's discography. It surely won't disappoint!

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