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Rip Loaf Dropped one of Craziest Music Videos

Maryland based artist Rip Loaf has released his anticipated music video “Stop3x” which has already gained 17k views in just three days! The track is produced by Loaf’s partner in crime Pzz and the video was shot by talented videographer KIIRU back in Loaf’s hometown. The energy and visuals are definitely a sight to see as there’s not really any music videos that can compare.

If you pay attention you will notice that the music video is actually showing two sides of Loaf. The normal part of of him and then the dark side. His dark side is presented when he pops up with his ski mask and trench coat representing that he isn’t the normal loaf that people know and love when he’s in this mode. It’s the side of Loaf you don’t want to see and the side you don’t have to see as long as you don’t mess with him. The video follows him along being on the subway which I think represents Loaf’s drive for his music basically saying he’s nonstop like a subway. He’s also seen in a white room at which at one point starts to turn red and corrupt. I believe this shows how loaf feels in his space of mind when he becomes that dark person which again is represented by the black ski mask and trench coat. The video is also filled with plenty of trippy visuals and beautifully cut transitions. Although the music video is great it would be nothing without the track obviously.

Loaf uses his powerful wordplay to talk about himself and the downs of how people perceive him and his work. Some people may hate but Loaf is one of few artists who stay genuine about his lyrics and never fake flexes anything he doesn’t have. He owes it to his fans to keep that same genuine energy that they love and support him for. This is why when loaf came to KIIRU with the track they were nothing but excited to start the video, already planning the concept over a discord call the night before. This fire and genuine track needed to be pushed, seen, and heard by as many people as possible. If you want to hear more loaf click here to listen to his 20 song project “Puppets” that just dropped - Puppets


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