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Sadboyshaq is Hyperpop's Next Big Star


Sadboyshaq is needless to say one of hyperpop's most influential artists. He's been releasing music for a little bit more than 2 years and within that time has created a discography legendary to those who hear it. He's released a handful of outstanding music videos all reaching thousands of views and hundreds of likes. Other than building his discography, he has also built a supportive, massive, growing fanbase having more than 17K following on his Instagram and 5K+ following on most of his streaming platforms. An inspiration to many, Sadboyshaq is no stranger to his fans and has been known to show love to his community whether it's through DM or by showing support for an artist's music. He's recently done interviews with WokeUpFucked and Breativity where he goes more into depth about his life, music, and plans he has for his career. I highly suggest you go see those videos after reading this article as it gives more insight into how Sadboyshaq is able to create the unique style of music that he is praised and admired for.


Although known for his talent within the Hyperpop genre, Sadboyshaq has proved his versatility more than once. The most notable genres he's added his own twist on would be RnB, PlugnB, and rage. Regardless of the genre he always keeps his lyricism real and on point. He truly is one of the few current underground artists who doesn't cap rap. He's either talking about past experiences with guns, drugs, and struggles he must overcome in his area or heartbreak, closure, and peace of mind when facing problems emotionally. The energy given by his lyrics is what makes him different than most and brings his lyricism to the next level. He has that rare talent where he can spit some of the saddest bars and you wouldn't even know because his delivery gives you a whole different perspective. Listening to a Sadboyshaq track is like flipping a coin because on one side you can receive a track filled with fast-paced instrumentals, turnt vibes, and glitchy vocals, but on the other, you can listen closely to hear his raw emotions, empathize, and understand the struggles that made him into the person he is today. For any new listeners I would recommend listening to "spirited away w/ dunefr", "wya? (callin yo phone)" , "onemoretime+", and "hedied (p. yung keeta)".


With numbers rising exponentially he will soon be seen by many as the next star of the underground along with others such as Autumn, Yeat, and Kankan. He has already worked with some of your favorite underground artists and content creators such as Surge, Summrs, and Sc6ut. He has goals of working with Cole Bennet and performing at shows to reveal what he is truly capable of. Currently, in the works of releasing more music videos and music, fans and spectators are excited to see what's next for him. For more Sadboyshaq click here- Sadboyshaq


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