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Saiah Woes Hits the Underground with New Visuals for “30 for 30”

Upcoming LA artist, Saiah Woes, has dropped off a fire music video for his track "30 for 30" recently. It was shot and edited by otwkai who did an excellent job of putting it all together. If you're trying tap more into the LA scene and haven't already tapped into these two then I'd say this a great place to start.

The video has been consistently racking up numbers since it's release. The music itself already intrigues listeners with its casual flow and flexes. That casualness stays throughout the video as well as it's mostly just him vibing in a China Townesque setting. With the powerful pungent production from $amaad and Jerms, the vibes are perfectly set. The track and music video really go hand in hand, complimenting each other with the effects and music. I love the fast angle shots and zoom ins matching up with Saiah woes's flow along with the beat. Its just so satisfying seeing and hearing everything run so smoothly.

Watch the video to understand what I truly mean. I'm sure after tapping in, you'll find yourself diving deeper into Saiah Woes's sound and others like him. It's a wave you don't want to miss.


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