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Seabxn’ got Fire Art for a Fire Price

If you're looking for someone who does excellent cover art for a good price then Seabxn is your guy. He specializes in photoshop to create awesome pieces of work. His art has gotten him co-signs from many influencers and artists such as reptilelegit, emwell, hivemind. and many more. There's more to him than just his artwork though, he's a respectable member of the underground community and is being recognized as such more and more every day. Let's tap a little more into this talented cover artist.

Most of his work consists of photoshopping a good picture into great cover art. He alters your run-of-the-mill image from either an anime or something you could find on Pinterest and transforms it into an intense piece. You might've already seen his work floating through your feed since he's done more than handful of cover art for the underground. That's why he's becoming more well known. He's willing to work with all kinds of artists and cooperate with their ideas to provide the best service he can.

So if you're looking for cover art at an affordable price, hit up Seabxn! I'm sure if you ask around or check out more of his work you'll be impressed with the results. Even if you aren't necessarily purchasing you can always shoot him a dm to get more information so why not give it a shot?


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