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Sharkboi Interview

I had the chance to ask multitalented director, Sharkboi, some questions to deliver us some insight on the UG videography scene and himself. If you haven't heard of him yet then you might already know some of the upcoming artists he's worked with such as Lade, Lil Meez, and most recently juugboiixantana. He's on the rise of becoming one of the top directors the UG has to offer so tap in and learn more about this creative individual.

Q. How'd you come up with your name?

A. Shark city is a nickname for my hometown

in Norfolk, VA. So instead of city boy I used Sharkboi. I had multiple videographer names before this one but didn't like them.

Q. What made you interested in making videos or jus filming in general?

I went to college for it, but I've always

been into tv and movies as a kid, In fact, I

was 7 when I first saw Scarface. I was also fascinated with cameras and the mechanics of em too.

Q. Who/what are your inspirations?

I'm inspired by a lot of 90s cinema, specifically crime drama, Michael Mann is

my favorite director, hence why I like doing gangsta rap visuals.

Q. Whats your favorite video you have

released so far?

All the Sethy P and Shyneboikash vids I made.

Q. What helps you get in the "zone"when it comes to producing your work?

I listen to a bunch of music on SoundCloud or classic shit on Pandora, also like to sit outside for a lil bit before I start on a project.

Q. Any advice for anyone tryna do what you're doing?

Videography is really a lifestyle more than

a hobby or career, you gotta have a lot of

patience and be original.

Q. Any advice when it comes to connecting with artists or people of influence?

Work with artists that you actually enjoy

listening to, don't be hungry for a placement or clout chasing.

Q. Other interests you have?

Photography, cars, and just being by myself fr.

Q. Who are some people you want to work with?

Travis Scott, AZ, Sahbabli, Kasher Quon, and shit Latto fye too.

Q. Message to supporters

It's ok to be yourself, not everyone is going to like the same shit you like, as long as it makes you happy is what matters, keep experimenting and stay consistent.

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