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Swapa and Unified Atlantic Link for “Ok Den” Visuals and it did Not Dissapoint

The underground has been receiving plenty of satisfying collaborations lately with music and content. Most prominently the collaboration between videographer/director ,Unified Atlantic, and upcoming artist Swapa. They came together recently to drop impressive visuals for Swapa's track "Ok den". Out of all of Swapa's music videos, this is one of his most exciting ones and definitely worth talking about.

Unified Atlantic had help from @parentalrestriction, @fucjoel66, and @srrybari to create a fast paced and action packed video. The camerawork is insane, playing with all sorts of angles and motions for perfect cut offs. It'll have your head on a swivel making you feel as if you're warping into the video itself. It's enticing to try and notice what's going around Swapa while being hit with so many dramatic and impactful effects. What I personally love about this video are the edits and camera layouts that make it feel like multiple videos in one. You got black and white flashing effects, vhs camera footage of takeovers, and light and dark themed settings all compiled together. There's also scenes where it gives off a "calm before the storm" vibe. The track itself has moments where it goes from intense to calm and that's exactly what you'll feel throughout the video as well. You'll have scenes where everything starts playing at slower pace to take everything in and then that's when it hits you. Soon as the track picks up the pace, the video follows along just making the hype more extreme.

There's a lot more to take in from this video but that's for you to watch and see for yourself. Its always nice to see up n coming videographers and artists recognize each other's work to create something amazing. Hopefully we see more from this duo and if you want to see more as well then make sure to tap in and show support!


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